Willow Bend
Plano, TX

(972) 403-0403

CAROLINA HYPERBARICS will begin seeing patients on August 1, 2011 in Raleigh, NC. This beautiful new hyperbaric clinic is the second treatment facility for Baromedical Associates and the first in North Carolina. Carolina Hyperbarics is located on the Garden Level of the American Institute for Healthcare and Fitness Wellness. Our integrated approach to healthcare is made possible by our location. AIHF Wellness is located in the midst of a 187,000-square-foot health and wellness center featuring best-in-class physicians and healthcare providers, a fitness center, a conference center, a pharmacy, and café and now the first and only Hyperbaric Clinic in Raleigh to treat Sports Injuries, Stroke, Concussion, Autism, and other conditions not treated by hospital hyperbaric clinics. Like the rest of the AIHF campus, Carolina Hyperbarics is based on the principles of comfort and convenience. “You won’t think this looks like a healthcare facility when you walk in the door,” Dr. Stevens, our Medical Director, says. “We are located in a beautiful building on a 16-acre wooded lot bordered by a walking trail and private lake.


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