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HBOT for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Six of the 13 approved indications are directly related to brain injury and wound repair relevant to treating TBI and neurological diseases.
  • 15 years ago Dr. James and his collogues opened 8 Hyperbaric Clinics, with private funding to treat Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Patient outcome was so positive that National Medicine in the UK now runs 70 Hyperbaric clinics to treat Multiple Sclerosis and other conditions that are still considered “investigational” in the U. S.
  • HBO for MS started with 8 clinics in the UK. Now there are more than 70!

D.J.D. Perrins, R.A. Neubauer and P.B. James Study Findings

Full Study PDF Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease associated with clinical evidence of disability attributable to more than one lesion in the nervous system. The lesion is classically described as “demyeiniation with relative preservation of axons.”  The axon loss in typical lesions in the spinal cord has been shown to be about 20% (Putnam and Alexander 1947).

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