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HBOT for Pre- and Post-Surgery

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Expert Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Pre- and Post-Surgery

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are a non-invasive form of therapy that uses a highly pressurized chamber to deliver 100% oxygen to your body. The oxygen you breathe inside a room or building only contains around 21% oxygen. By breathing 100% pure oxygen under increased pressure in a hyperbaric chamber, oxygen is increased 10-15 times. The treatment promotes an increase in your body’s natural healing processes and stimulates cell, tissue, and skin growth.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is particularly effective at healing wounds, reducing the risk of infection, treating infection, and accelerating post-surgery recovery. At Baromedical Associates, we specialize in designing treatment plans for HBOT post-surgery and HBOT pre-surgery in the Dallas Metro Area.

Why combine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and surgery?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the supply of pure, 100% oxygen to your body. This promotes healing, tissue repair, and cell regeneration. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation. HBOT also improves the body’s immune response and reduces the risk of post-surgery infection.

If you do have an infection, HBOT can accelerate the healing process and reduce the risk of further complications. It has become increasingly popular to commit to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for cosmetic surgery procedures. By undergoing HBOT before and after cosmetic surgery, you can improve your chances of a successful recovery and optimal post-surgery results.

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Why choose Baromedical Associates?

Our state-of-the-art medical centers provide the most medically advanced therapies, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) with four convenient locations around the Dallas metroplex.

With expertise in both adult and pediatric patients, we are internationally renowned for our specialized therapies for children. We are also a trusted choice for high-profile athletes, celebrities, public figures, parents and more.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy Before Surgery

You should consider HBOT pre-surgery if you are concerned about an upcoming procedure and want to increase your chances of a full, complication-free recovery. HBOT is very effective for preparing for complex or risky surgical procedures that carry a high risk of infection and complications. Some of the benefits of hyperbaric therapy pre-surgery include:

  • Reduce swelling, edema, and inflammation
  • Supply pure 100% oxygen to the injured tissue
  • Improve collagen synthesis and decrease fibrosis
  • Increase the efficacy of antibiotics
  • Improve the strength of healed tissue
  • Reduce the risk of infection
  • Stimulate the production of new blood vessels

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy After Surgery

To improve your chances of full recovery, accelerate the healing process, and reduce the risk of complications such as infections, blood clots, pain, and swelling, consider HBOT.

HBOT can help improve your recovery time, meaning you will get back on your feet sooner. You’ll also be at a much lower risk of side effects and complications. HBOT and post-op surgery benefits include:

  • Faster relief from swelling and inflammation
  • Reduced bruising
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Improved cell regeneration
  • Lower risk of scarring
  • Expedited healing process
  • Shorter recovery time


See how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helped Me Heal Faster from Plastic Surgery VIDEO →

Learn How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helped Me Heal Faster from Plastic Surgery

Schedule a consultation for HBOT Pre-Surgery or Post-Surgery.

Maximize the success of your surgical procedure with hyperbaric oxygen therapy before and after surgery. This innovative treatment accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, and minimizes surgical complications.

Embrace this scientifically-backed method today to optimize recovery and enhance your overall health outcomes.

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