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Autism anxiety is a challenging aspect of daily life for many individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. However, various strategies and therapies are available to help manage and reduce anxiety. Here’s a look at some effective approaches worth trying.

HBOT for baby boys with hypospadias. Parents of children can come in the chamber with them at Baromedical Associates.

Sensory Integration Techniques

Creating a sensory-friendly environment is the key to reducing anxiety in individuals with autism who struggle with sensory overload. Sensory integration techniques involve establishing routine activities that support self-regulation throughout the day. Here’s what to try:

Psychological Therapy

Many psychologists suggest enrolling children on the autism spectrum in therapy. A range of approaches are available:

Deep Pressure Stimulation

Weighted wearables, compression garments, and weighted blankets can provide comforting proprioceptive input, a sense that tells you where your different body parts are. This deep pressure stimulation (DPS) has shown positive effects in reducing anxiety among kids with autism, offering the same security and calmness that comes from receiving a hug.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation training is effective for managing anxiety. Simple strategies such as counting to 10 slowly, taking deep breaths, or performing formal deep breathing exercises calm the mind and body. Mindfulness practices, including meditation and visualization techniques, also reduce stress and anxiety.

Social Stories and Visual Supports

These tools are helpful when preparing your child for situations that might cause anxiety. They provide clarity, remove scary unpredictability, and offer a sense of control over an upcoming event or change in routine. Use visual supports to show all the happenings in one day or the steps involved in a specific activity. Then, tell social stories to illustrate details about a setting, what typically happens in that setting, and the behavior you expect from your child while there.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an innovative approach to treating autism. Studies show, that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy normalizes sleep patterns and alleviates gastrointestinal patterns. HBOT has shown promising results in improving communication skills, reducing sensory sensitivities, enhancing social interactions, and regulating behavior.  It may also increase attention and focus, and support neuroplasticity.

Partner with Baromedical Associates, LLC

Baromedical Associates, LLC, is pioneering hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism. Our commitment to providing advanced and effective therapy is evident in our use of FDA-approved, single-person hyperbaric chambers, ensuring a personalized and private treatment experience. Known for our expertise in treating kids, we are uniquely qualified to assist your child on the autism spectrum with their anxiety. To begin your journey toward better autism management, please contact us today or find a location near you in the Dallas Metro area.

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