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What are the Results of Hyperbaric Wound Care?

Are you struggling with stubborn, non-healing wounds? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which exposes the body to 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber, may be the treatment you’re looking for. The effectiveness of HBOT stems from its ability to enhance the body’s natural healing processes. Explore the different types of wounds HBOT can treat and the specific results it yields.

Types of Wounds Treated by HBOT CHANGE PICTURE

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy could be right for you if you have any of the following:

  • Non-healing wounds: Ulcers, sores, and skin grafts that show no improvement over four weeks are considered non-healing. These wounds have various causes and often require more than ointment and bandages to heal.
  • Diabetes-related wounds: Diabetes often impairs blood circulation, causes numbness in the limbs, and weakens the immune system. These factors make diabetic foot ulcers a serious risk. Prone to swelling and hard to immobilize, these slow- or non-healing wounds benefit significantly from HBOT.
  • Radiation wounds: Patients undergoing radiation therapy for cancer can develop skin reactions or radiation dermatitis, affecting the skin and deeper tissues. In severe or non-healing cases of radiation wounds, HBOT may be an effective intervention.
  • Traumatic or surgical injuries: Open wounds make the body more susceptible to infection, especially if the wound is near a bone. Boosted oxygen intake can accelerate the healing process for patients recovering from surgery.

Effects of Hyperbaric Wound Care

Why is HBOT so effective at promoting wound care? It’s all thanks to the high-oxygen environment, which increases the body’s oxygen intake significantly. The results of this include:

  • Accelerated tissue healing: Breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber delivers essential oxygen to damaged cells, promoting cell metabolism and regeneration necessary for healing.
  • Reduced infection rates: The high oxygen environment of HBOT enhances the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria. It also triggers the release of growth factors and stem cells to further reduce the risk of infection.
  • Increased collagen formation: HBOT stimulates fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production and new skin cell growth.
  • Improved angiogenesis: The process of forming new blood vessels, known as angiogenesis, is vital for delivering nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues. HBOT enhances the formation of new blood vessels, improving blood supply to the affected area and reducing inflammation.

Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Wound Care

HBOT clearly has great potential, but how effective is it in the real world? In a large-scale study that analyzed over 660,000 wounds, HBOT offered a consistent healing rate of about 75%. A separate study focused on diabetic foot ulcers found that HBOT improved healing rates from 56% to 60% overall and up to 75% for patients completing all their prescribed treatments.

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Baromedical Associates, LLC, is at the forefront of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We offer the most advanced and effective treatment in FDA-approved, single-person hyperbaric chambers. Our expertise extends to treating children and international patients with complex medical needs. If you or a loved one is struggling with a wound that isn’t healing as expected, consider HBOT at one of our four locations in the Dallas Metro area. Contact us today to learn more.

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