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HBOT: Optimizing Outcomes in Cosmetic Surgery

People schedule cosmetic surgeries for a variety of reasons. Some patients want to feel better about their aesthetic appearance, while others have been in accidents and need reconstructive surgery. Whatever the case, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an emerging solution for cosmetic surgery recovery. In the past few decades, it has consistently been shown to optimize aesthetic outcomes. The team at Baromedical Associates is proud to be a leading voice on HBOT in the Dallas Metro Area, and we’re here to help you make the most of this treatment. Find out why HBOT is an ideal way to recover from a cosmetic procedure.

Why HBOT Works for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is particularly effective for cosmetic procedure recovery. By delivering oxygen in a pressurized chamber, this form of therapy promotes higher oxygen levels in the body, and quicker oxygen delivery to the surgical site. With more oxygen comes faster cellular repair, reduced inflammation, and a lower risk of infection, all crucial for optimal outcomes. HBOT is extremely useful for quickly healing incisions, reducing swelling, and eliminating bruises from cosmetic procedures and getting patients back to their normal activities without an overly long recovery process.

A Look Inside an HBOT Session

HBOT isn’t as well-known as other methods of post-cosmetic surgery healing. As such, many patients have long lists of questions going into their first session. Fortunately, the team at Baromedical Associates is highly trained in this specialty and can walk you through a typical treatment. Every patient is different, but most can expect the following:

The Benefits Speak for Themselves

HBOT for cosmetic enhancements comes with an array of benefits. Those who schedule sessions after one of these procedures often notice a swift process, as well as these advantages:

Delve Deeper Into the Science

The enhanced aesthetic results of HBOT aren’t just anecdotal—they’re backed up by several studies from researchers around the world. At Baromedical Associates, we’re proud to use this research to provide exceptional care to our patients. Take a closer look at some of these studies.

Facelift Outcomes

One notable study1 investigated the effects of HBOT on patients who had recently had a facelift. A 2023 article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal looked at 20 female patients who had facelifts, nine of whom underwent HBOT treatments. When compared with the control group, the patients who did HBOT experienced notable cosmetic surgery recovery improvements. Their wound healing processes took an average of 13.3 days, while those in the control had an average healing time of 36.9 days.

The study concluded that, while further research is required, HBOT looks like a promising recovery method for cosmetic surgery patients.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Outcomes

A 2022 study2 published by ePlasty presented research on HBOT and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The researchers investigated four cases where HBOT was used to treat wounds following facial filler injections, abdominoplasty, and Mohs surgery. After comparing results in each case, the study concludes that HBOT is effective for such wounds but tends to be underutilized. The researchers ultimately state that HBOT would benefit patients more than just standard wound care strategies.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

This final case study3, published in 2021 by Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, focuses on how HBOT helps manage complications associated with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The researchers posit that even non-invasive cosmetic treatments, like fillers, can have major complications. In two of the investigated cases, HBOT was used in combination with antibiotics to alleviate infections after such procedures. The study concludes that when combined with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, HBOT delivers favorable results.

Consult With Baromedical Associates Today

Whether you have questions about how HBOT works or want to know more about hyperbaric oxygen beauty outcomes, Baromedical Associates is here for you. We’re a leader in HBOT with patients coming to us from across the world. Our expertise is well-documented, and our patients often report shorter recovery times and less pain after cosmetic surgery. Contact us today to request an appointment.

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