Hyperbarics for Near Drowning Child

A North Texas family hopes oxygen therapy will help their son who nearly drowned develop new brain cells.

Stephanie Reese, of Desoto, says her 2-year-old son Keion fell into the family swimming pool last year unnoticed and was underwater for five minutes.

“My oldest son, who’s 21, actually pulled him out and I heard him scream. I freaked out,” she recalls.

Reese says Keion’s heart had stopped beating for 45 minutes.

Miraculously, doctors revived him but severe brain damage left them with little hope he would ever be the same.

Hyperbarics for Near Drowning Child

Reese documented Keion’s first six months of recovery in this YouTube video, but now, a year after the accident, they hope hyperbaric oxygen therapy will put Keion closer to a complete recovery.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment in which the body is exposed to a greater-than-usual amount of oxygen within a special chamber.

The idea is the oxygen therapy can activate genes that promote cell survival and reduce inflammation, allowing the body to recover from wounds.