HBOT for Diabetic Wounds

Diabetic Foot Care

diabetic-foot-woundsDiabetes is a dreadful disease that impacts more than a patient’s blood sugar or dietary choices. Many diabetics end up with diabetic wounds and related complications. Statistics show that every minute, someone in the world loses a lower limb because of diabetes. More often than not, the problem began as a wound or ulcer that would not heal properly on its own.

Healing Wounds using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Even the smallest wound or ulcer on the foot can become a severe health issue, especially for diabetics. Together, wounds and diabetes are a dangerous combination.

For a diabetic, there is no such thing as a minor wound. Every wound, no matter how small, can become serious quickly and should be checked out by a wound specialist. Our team of diabetic wound care specialists at our outpatient clinics are experienced in managing and treating diabetic wounds with the latest methods and technology to provide the best possible outcome for each patient.