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HBOT for Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery

It has been known for decades that hyperbaric oxygen has miraculous wound-healing properties. Burn victims, as well as patients with life threatening infections of the skin, bones and internal organs, have been successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen. Some of the most impressive results have occurred in patients with flesh-eating bacterial infections. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are routinely used in patients with diabetes and circulation problems, and this has resulted in thousands of patients being spared unnecessary amputations.
With the scientific knowledge gained from treating wound-healing problems and applying this information to the field of cosmetic surgery, major changes have occurred. Hyperbaric oxygen is now available to patients undergoing elective cosmetic surgery. A unique protocol of using hyperbaric oxygen before and after cosmetic surgery can reduce pain and swelling, improve circulation, speed up the recovery process by a third, and even improve results. Patients undergoing face lifts, eyelid and breast surgery, nasal reconstruction, abdominal surgery, chemical and laser peels, as well as liposuction have benefited from pre-op and post-op hyperbaric treatments.

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Learn How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helped Me Heal Faster from Plastic Surgery
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